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Planning a project is a huge task, and it often can be overwhelming. If you have questions about a project, please don’t hesitate to ask. Our team is happy to offer a free consultation to answer all your electrical services questions.

Do you certify both copper and fiber installations?

Yes, we believe that ensuring your low voltage is key to not having surprise issues later. Quality is very important to us, and our certifications ensure that quality.

Do I need fiber instead of copper?
Fiber is generally used instead of copper for bandwidth and/or longer distances between the buildings, floors and/or network closets. (MDF & IDF).
Do you provide outdoor installations?
Yes, we can provide conduit to fit your installation. We take pride in being able to provide low voltage in a turn-key fashion. Whether that is underground or aerial, we make sure to do it right.
Do I need to replace my wiring or repair it?
It depends, we can assess the situation and determine the best method to fix a bad connection. Even if that means a temporary repair and then replacement when the timing is better for you.
What's the project process like?

We believe that a successful project starts with a clear scope of work. We will come onsite and do a walkthrough with you and fully document your goals and the scope of work. From there, we will present you with the scope of work / blueprints. We can work with your General Contractor, your IT resources and/or you directly.

Do you obtain the equipment?
Yes, depending on your requirements. If you have a cabinet/rack already and would like us to add a few drops, a new patch panel or a new build that is a new rack/cabinet.
Do I get a Patching Matrix/As Built and test results?

Absolutely, we will leave your certification results as well as a matrix showing you where each network port connects. Each wall plate will be labeled to match the patch panel. If you have a number scheme, we will adhere to your standards. Additionally, we will modify your blueprints to include the low voltage with a key on wire type and labeling.

Do you warranty your work?
Yes, we provide a 1-year warranty for all of our craftsmanship.
What brand materials do you use?
We can procure all major brands in accordance with your standards. If you do not have a preference, we will quote Leviton or Panduit.
Should I use CAT5e or CAT6 for my computer structured cabling?

We have been using CAT6 for the default in our installations for over 5 years. On smaller jobs the cost is not much. On larger jobs, it can make a difference. CAT6 has more capable bandwidth. CAT6 can accommodate speeds up to 10GbE for short distances. CAT5e can accommodate speeds up to 1Gbps. Additionally, some clients with future-proofing goals, require CAT6A for the job for longer distance 10GbE networks. While CAT6a can be great for workstations that require 10GbE, we typically recommend Fiber between MDF and IDF installations. (see Question 12 for more details).


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